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Youth League Organizers

Serving the Northwest since 1988, Designer Studio has helped shape the way sports leagues operate today. Designer Studio is a staunch supporter of youth organizations and school districts alike.

The mix of our industry low prices,  and our passion for quality, Designer Studio has been able to secure a great working relationship with nearly every youth sports organization in the Puget Sound. Serving over 150 youth sports organizations annually, Designer Studio knows what it takes to execute a flawless photo day, that fits your league's needs exactly.



Designer Studio takes photo day execution very seriously. We know that teams are on a tight schedule, and that field and parking space is sometimes limited. 

Our Staff are always wearing our signature Bright Red "PHOTO STAFF" vests, and can be found at our check-in or photo tent. 

We setup tents for each photographer, and a tent for our check-in/stager. 




Designer Studio is committed to providing the best possible pricing, mixed with an industry high donation, per player purchasing. This revenue share is built into our standard pricing, and not added on to our advertised pricing. 

Designer Studio will provide a Free 3.5x5 Branded Photo to every participant in your league, with no

purchase necessary. 


On Site Execution

Free Photos for everyone in your league

Photo Shoot.jpg


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